Prague, Purim, and Praise!

Prague, Purim, and Praise!



What are the attendees saying about the trip? PLEASE read on:


“I cannot express how incredible the ECJS Purim on the Rocks in Prague was. It was such a meaningful and fun holiday weekend meeting new people, exploring a European city and celebrating Purim.

The people were incredible – both the organizers and the participants. I made connections with many different and wonderful people throughout the program. I loved touring the Jewish sites in Prague and especially reading the Megilah (story of Esther) in a historical synagogue. It was the first time I actually heard the Megillah twice on Purim ever, which was very special to be able to do this mitzvah with these people and in such an incredible location.

Shabbat was wonderful – The atmosphere was peaceful and carefree and I was able to keep my faith in my own way.

Logistically it seemed like a very organized weekend, from the tours to the parties and getting busses back to the hotel. Besides Birthright I have not done an organized trip with Jewish peers. It was only 4 days, but it has made an impact on me. Thank you to all of the organizers, donors, etc. who made this trip possible! I’m truly thankful to have had this opportunity and I cannot wait for more trips to come!”


Shelly Yair

From Tennessee, living in Israel


“Travelling with ECJS has been an unforgettable experience, from connecting with Jewish people from all around the world and building lifelong friendships to the fabulous Shabbat dinners and amazing tours around the cities. ECJS keeps us busy with tours, games and lectures. They take care of us so much that there isn’t a single moment to breathe (in a good way). This couldn’t have been more of a success without the hardworking ECJS team and Zevi of course.”

Bianca Hakimi

New York



I was lucky to have the chance to participate in Purim on the Rocks in Prague. Starting from the arrival, being welcomed with open arms by the amazing ECJS staff, and later on touring the beautiful parts of Prague with many old friends and new ones I met along the way. Personally For me, the best part was celebrating Purim with hundreds of Jewish students from all over the world, reading the Megila, eating a delicious dinner and then partying all night. That was definitely an unforgettable experience! I got to know people I would never have met if it wasn’t for this event. Hopefully I will stay in touch with these wonderful people as life-long friends. It was definitely one of the best trips I’ve ever had! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who plans to go to future ECJS events. Edi, Israel